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How I Got my Indie Novel Into the Nations Largest BrickMortar Store

How I Got my Indie Novel Into the Nations Largest BrickMortar Store How I Got my Indie Novel Into the Country's Largest Brick-and-Mortar Chain - By Carol Cooper Song Cooper is a columnist, creator, and specialist. She composes for The Sun paper, communicates on TV and radio, and has a string of genuine books in her possession including an honor winning reading material of medication. In this post, Carol uncovers how she got her most recent novel, Hampstead Fever, into Britain’s biggest chain of book retailers. Throughout the previous hardly any weeks, I’ve boasted to anybody who’ll listen that my independently published novel, Hampstead Fever, is in a renowned front-of-store advancement in WH Smith travel book shops. What's more, no big surprise I’m glad. Not exclusively am I dispersing my novel as a digital book - perusers would now be able to get it at more than 700 air terminals and train stations around the UK. WH Smith, all things considered, is the go-to place to get a decent read for an excursion or holiday.I don’t have a definite fire formula for other outside the box writers to follow, yet I can positively clarify what worked for me. Peruse how @DrCarolCooper got her most recent novel into UK's biggest physical chain 1. Get out and tune in to peopleI owe a great deal to the London Book Fair, around 2015. That’s where I ran over WH Smith Travel purchaser Matt Bates. He talked at Author HQ, a piece of the reasonable committed to essayists. He was enchanting, educated and excited and he wasn’t brimming with himself, which, as I review, a couple of different speakers at the reasonable were.I said a flat ‘Hello’ to Matt toward the finish of his discussion. I don’t recollect my accurate words, however I said nothing regarding my composition. Hampstead Feverâ at the WH Smith at London Gatwick AirportNo hurt in attempting, particularly as by then my book was in numerous book shops including Waterstones, Heffers Cambridge, and a sizeable number of free bookshops, and had highlighted in neighborhood press and radio.  I sent Matt a concise email, connecting that eye-getting cover.Matt solicited to see a duplicate from the book. There followed a longish quietness. At that point he answered, proposing a promotion in more than thirty of WH Smith’s travel book shops as a major aspect of a get one, get one reduced cost offer.I expected to never really, with the exception of converse with Clays about a reproduce and orchestrate the rebate and return terms that WH Smith requires.I’m certain the dazzling spread did a significant part of the work for me. With respect to the substance, individuals have been caring enough to state that Hampstead Fever catches multicultural urban life. It’s a simple read and makes individuals snicker, however it additionally covers some weightier issues.To other independently publishing writers needing to get into bookshops, my single best recommendation is this: focus on a quality item that book retailers will love to have in their stores. Focus on a quality item that book retailers will love to highlight. @DrCarolCooper In your chain of needs, how significant is it to you to get your book in stores? On the off chance that you have any musings, remarks or inquiries for Carol Cooper, depart them in the remarks underneath. Discover increasingly about the creator on her site or by following her on Twitter.

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World History Since 1945 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

World History Since 1945 - Essay Example The scholars advocate for all out relook into the different administrative frameworks which are both inserted in authoritarianism and standoffish to the social real factors of common masses. Along these lines, the two books are radical and transformative in scope. The books shout out for change which is focused on the social and monetary existences of the individuals. Smith (2010) figures that Belli’s ‘The Country under My Skin’ is a ground-breaking diary involving both love and war. The Nicaraguan, Giaconda Belli, presents intensely, her eye-receptiveness to social real factors confronting the individuals of Nicaragua just as her relationship with the Sandinistas utilizing the rider of affection and war to uncover autocracy. In the book, she completely lights up on her current existence with her American spouse just as kids and apparently contrasts this to Nicaragua and an enthusiastic intrigue. It is when the writer meets Panamanian despot Omar Torrijos in the year 1978 that she sets out the book; The Country under My Skin. Gicoonda Belli portrays political skirmishes of liberation that the nation of Nicaragua experienced since the years 1970s. She brings it out effectively utilizing her own encounters particularly with the specialists around then and madnesses around the nation that were transformational (Smith 2010). She in this way draws out an incredible juxtaposition in her quality composing investigating in subtleties her experience while working in the field of ad and later engaging in legislative issues. Saten (2010) sees that her sonnet makes a vantage passage point into the Sandinista Guerilla Movement from a serious youthful age. This contribution makes her change into the obscure away from the safe place and the social just as political security that she was constantly associated with and it is now that she draws out the soul of activism in her (Staten 97). Utilizing these encounters she opens government aloof natures to the situation of the

Advantages Of Convergence Of Us Gaap And Ifrs Accounting Essay Example For Students

Favorable circumstances Of Convergence Of Us Gaap And Ifrs Accounting Essay The International Accounting Standards Boards and the Financial Accounting Standards Board are doing an endeavor to meet US Generally Accepted Accounting Standards ( GAAP ) and International Financial Reporting Standards ( IFRS ) worthy to deliver an individual arrangement of high-caliber, good bookkeeping rules that perchance will be utilized for both national and worldwide monetary inclusion which is perceived as The Norwalk Agreement . The assembly endeavors have concentrated on fitting standard scene and cut bringing down contrasts in bookkeeping rules. Anyway because of certain Immigration and Naturalization Services and outs the combination endeavors was non completed and have been postponed. The FASB and IASB rehashed that developing of a typical arrangement of top notch planetary rules extras a strategic importance of both FASB and IASB. FASB and IASB thusly gave a Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU ) which depended on three principles, in creating MoU, the Board concurred on priorities and built up mileposts to complete significant joint endeavors and short-run union endeavors as the work program. Notwithstanding, either the combination of US GAAP and IFRS fruitful or non depend on the consummation of the endeavors. The expectation of this investigation is to go to what combination is, the foundation of the assembly, favorable circumstances and impediments of union, the standard based versus rule based proclamations, trailed by the capacity of standard typesetters, the planetary acknowledgment of IFRS furthermore joint work endeavors of the intermingling of US GAAP and IFRS, proceeded with the choice of the general union of US GAAP and IFRS. Union OF US GAAP AND IFRS Notice of Understanding called The Norwalk Agreement was given on October 2002, for the FASB and IASB to authentic their obligations to the combination of US GAAP and IFRS. The two loads up utilize their endeavors to compose their moving toward work plans and assurance to do their bing financial inclusion rules to the full helpful and one time accomplished, similarity is supported. Good alludes to two arrangements of standards does non comprise battles and the bing rule in US is more detailed than IFRS. Moreover with army cross-indexs, connections to other natural structures, connections to examining and other expert writing is a consolidate natural structure for each arrangement of measures. Non-benefit elements are the scope of obligation of FASB and concern substances focusing on IASB. Foundation OF CONVERGENCE OF US GAAP AND IFRS Speculators have interest for worldwide combination since they need a top notch and tantamount financial data which makes overall capital markets simpler to do assurance. Because of this, Financial Accounting Standards Board ( FASB ) and the International Accounting Standards Board ( IASB ) began cooperating in 2002 to bring together the two bookkeeping strategies to pass on By and huge Accepted Accounting Principles ( GAAP ) towards similarity through International Financial Reporting Standards ( IFRS ) . The comprehension was given at the FASB s focal office in Norwalk, Connecticut, and was archived in a Memorandum of Understanding titled The Norwalk Agreement . Fitting to the Norwalk Agreement, to better US GAAP and IFRS and prohibit the contrasts between them through the joint endeavors by the FASB and IASB, advancement of the intermingling into an individual arrangement of high-caliber and good global bookkeeping models required which can be utilized by both national and univers al financial inclusion. To achieve towards intermingling by 2008, the FASB and IASB gave a Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU ) in 2006 that portrays the headway trusted. In 2007, the Securities and Exchange Commision ( SEC ) wiped out the interest to incorporate a rapprochement of IFRS to US GAAP in their financial explanations for remote organizations who issue stock in the United States ( US ) . In 2008, SEC arranged a Roadmap that the Boards should take to accomplish an individual arrangement of standards to surge the intermingling of US GAAP and IFRS. By 2015, this Roadmap intended to hold a finished endeavor however because of entanglements it has been postponed. The confusion for the hold was on the grounds that US GAAP utilizes rules-based assault for their bookkeeping measures which sets explicit guidelines to be followed to follow with the laws while the IFRS utilizes rule based assault which has a couple of guidelines and advice on the most proficient method to actualize t hem. A moral expert requires to represent the guidelines for the monetary explanations sensibly and precisely. In 2009, FASB and IASB affirmed their committedness to union, to complete the significant joint endeavors depicted in the MoU, and resolved to do quarterly progression concentrates on these significant endeavors introduced on their sites. As a more distant revelation of that committedness, by mid-2011 the Boards concurred a joint proclamation portraying their projects and milepost marks for achieving the finish of completing major MoU endeavors. In 2011, the FASB and IASB gave a half advancement concentrate on their work and chose to adjust their joint work program to create and achieve assembly. The FASB and IASB spread a periodical enunciation headway study depicts the adjusted work program furthermore gave a half advancement concentrate on the situation of their work to complete the MoU. The progression study characterizes the Board s admission of the significances and p ortray how the Board s adjusted aspects of their assaults for different endeavors to set them in the best spot to complete the main concern endeavors. In 2011, FASB and IASB portrayed on their improvement toward achievement of the combination work plan. The Boards were offering priority to three staying endeavors on their MoU. The Boards other than consented to enlarge the timetable for those need endeavors past June 2011 to permit more remote work and treatment with partners in a mode reliable with a detached and exhaustive due methodology. significant social issues EssayFiscal Accounting Standard Board ( FASB ) FASB is a self-governing, self-administrative board that signifiers and translates all around acknowledged bookkeeping rules ( GAAP ) works underneath the standard that the financial framework and the monetary administrations industry crush wonderfully when reliable, brief, and solid monetary data is open. FASB once in a while updates its rules to do certain constitutions are following its moralss. The associations are designed to entirely represent various sorts of salary, maintain a strategic distance from shaky pay starting with one period then onto the next and appropriately sort their gross. Worldwide ADOPTION OF IFRS The execution of International Financial Reporting Standards ( IFRS ) has created in answer to the interest to go towards planetary bookkeeping measures. IFRS is utilized in more than 100 states as the significant bookkeeping models in the preparing of outside financial inclusion. Standard printers have three choices in rising union of models. The primary alternative is choose a FASB standard, second would be utilize an IFRS measure and the third choice if both are inconsistent ; they may build up an entirely new guideline . In one occasion, they persuaded to meet on IFRS model to a US GAAP ( Discontinued activities ) measure. Subsequent to reexamining FASB, the standard printers positive that FASB was the alluring basis. As an impact, IASB designated IAS which typically united with FASB. In another example, a US GAAP measure combine to an IFRS basis and the standard typesetters distinct that IFRS was better than past US GAAP. In the third example, to come on another basis and techni que, standard typesetters are cooperating. For outline FASB and IFRS standard printers were unable to meet on the utilization of sudden focuses. Motivation towards IFRS seeing as combined are progressively expected to execute an unassuming or principled based assertion. Accordingly, numerous nations of bookkeeping measures continue to be included and merged. Measurement of investigations including IFRS rules each piece identified with US GAAP, its majority are wide and rule based US models has strong administrative and approved wants what's more imperative moralss. An increasingly thorough strategy to financial depicting mandatary in the US because of the bing rules climate and implementation and transmutations in execution will do monetary explanations appear to be more distant constant than they fundamentally are in grouped states. JOINT WORK PROJECTS Outline1 undertaking2 Status3 Major explanation undertakings4 Undertaking5 Status undertaking Status Acquiring costs IASB reissued IAS 23A Borrowing CostsA in 2008 Suspended operationsA ( IASB just ) The IASB gave IFRS 5A Non-Current Assetss Held available to be purchased and Discontinued OperationsA in March 2004 Reasonable worth choice for financial instruments ( FASB simply ) Finished Government awards Work on this endeavor has been conceded Harm Work on this endeavor has been conceded Pay income improvements This endeavor is directly on catch Contributing belongingss The FASB is effectively taking a shot at this endeavor Joint understandings IASB gave IFRS 11A Joint ArrangementsA in 2011 Innovative work ( FASB just ) Finished Area inclusion IASB gave IFRS 8A Operating SegmentsA in 2008 Resulting occasions ( FASB just ) Significant explanation endeavors Undertaking Status Business blends Joined standards gave in 2008 Reasonable Model This endeavor has been incompletely finished. Work on more distant stages is directly on catch Combination Met measures gave in 2011 Derecognition This endeavor is continuous Reasonable worth estimating Met measures gave in 2011 Financial instruments This is a high-need undertaking of the two sheets and work is by and by under way This endeavor bargains a figure of unde

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Help Me Write Research Papers

Help Me Write Research PapersIs there a way to help me write research papers? A lot of people find this to be a difficult task. If you want to be able to write papers that will be taken seriously and you can be proud of, this article may be able to help you.Why is it so hard to help me write research papers? One reason why it's so hard is because it requires a lot of thought and effort. This is something that takes a lot of concentration. When you try to focus your attention on the material and come up with interesting ideas, then you are more likely to come up with good research papers.The next thing that you need to do is to find a process that will help you be able to figure out what you need to write. When you don't know how to write papers, you are going to need to do some research to learn how to write papers. There are many ways that you can do this, but the best one is by reading books and doing online research.The idea behind finding a process for helping you write research papers is to help you organize your thoughts and to make sure that you are prepared to write papers. It is also a way for you to learn how to write papers that are enjoyable to read. Also, it will allow you to be familiar with the different methods and processes that are used by other students in order to help them write papers. As you learn about other research papers, you will be able to apply these to your own projects and they will allow you to keep your ideas organized and on topic.The last thing that you need to consider is to look for a system that can help you when you need to get some ideas. There are many methods that you can use for this and they all fall under the general category of brainstorming. Using methods such as jotting down ideas and looking at photographs can help you get some good ideas. Also, make sure that you focus on ideas that can fit with your topic and that you will be able to come up with ideas when you need them.There are many ways that you can go abo ut the process of brainstorming and many processes that you can learn from. It really doesn't matter how you get into the process, but you should spend a lot of time coming up with ideas for papers. This way, you will be able to create research papers that will be of value to those who will be judging your paper.In order to help you write papers that are going to be taken seriously, you will need to take some time to learn and to understand how papers are written. Remember that when you are trying to write papers that will be accepted for publication, you need to learn to come up with good research papers. You will need to spend some time using your creative mind to come up with ideas and then you will need to spend time in writing and editing them to get them into a form that will be useful for others to read.If you want to write papers that are well researched and that will be looked at by people who are experts in their field, you need to take some time to learn and to think abou t the research that you are going to be writing. It might not be easy to find a process that will help you get your ideas down and it might take some time to figure out the best way to organize your thoughts. However, it is important that you get a process that will help you to get your ideas down and to come up with research papers that are of value to those who will be reading them.

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Our Brand Identity Heroes and What You Can Learn from Them

Sometimes the best idea is the simplest one. That was certainly the case for the founder of J Dawgs, a Utah-based hot dog restaurant that recently opened its fifth location. One day, Jayson "J" Edwards, then an unfulfilled Asian Studies major, walked past an abandoned red shack in Provo, Utah, and decided that it would make a great hot dog stand. Naturally, he dropped out of school and got to work. Seven years later, J opened his first restaurant outside of Provo and attributed his success to a single factor: "the food." Related: 5 branding lessons we can learn from Metallica J was right about one thing: the quality of a product determines whether customers will keep coming back to it. But letting a product speak for itself, alone, isn't a very good marketing strategy—especially for a small, relatively unknown business. It might work in the long run, but it takes a very long run to get there (seven years for J, in fact). That's what makes a brand's personality—the human personality traits that it projects to potential customers—so important. It introduces people to your brand so they can form a positive impression even before they take a chance on your product. (Fortunately, J's branding has now caught up with his product: see his new page). In this post, we'll look at five brands that we think each exemplify one of the dimensions of great brand personality. 1. Sincerity — lululemon In order for customers to trust a brand with their business, they must first believe that the company actually desires their well-being. That's exactly how lululemon comes across with its lowercase, low-key approach to branding. It's got all the passion of other brands without the tension that comes from trying too hard to impress. Lululemon's straightforward approach convinces users that this brand has nothing to hide, that it is exactly what it professes to be. The lululemon blog's focus on real stories about real people, such as those who participate in yoga on Canada's Parliament Hill, reinforces its sincerity. Businesses can develop a similarly sincere brand by setting realistic expectations with customers from the start instead of overhyping a product to force a sale. 2. Excitement — Johnny Cupcakes While we all value our sincere friends for their truthfulness, they aren't always the ones we turn to for fun on a Friday night—which is where excitement comes in. Energy and inventiveness are at the heart of a brand's excitement. Those are both strong suites of Johnny Cupcakes, a one-of-a-kind "t-shirt bakery" whose designs all manage to look vintage and fresh at the same time. We particularly admire the shaking cupcake-and-crossbones logo that appears whenever you're waiting for another page to load: its movement suggests the energy underlying the whole establishment. Companies wanting to give off exciting vibes should look for ways to incorporate pop culture references into their marketing. Such trendiness won't just earn them more clicks—it will also convey to customers the thrill of buying and using their products. 3. Competence — Genius A brand is considered competent if consumers perceive it to be dependable, intelligent and successful. manages to convey dependability with its barebones design, intelligence with its no-nonsense moderating system, and success with its insightful explanations of the history and vision of the site. Originally launched as a meeting ground for people to interpret rap lyrics, Genius is now home to helpfully annotated texts ranging from literary classics to fast food menus. Takeaways for your business: Be sure to maintain a consistent brand identity as your business expands. Share customer success stories with your users to further cement brand competence. 4. Sophistication — Vango Art Not every customer is looking for the pure functionality offered by competent brands. Sophisticated brands like Vango appeal to their clients' more refined sensibilities. Everything from Vango's cursive slogan ("Be original") to the muted background colors contributes to a general sense of delicacy, balance and restraint. The real draw, of course, is the art itself, most of which appears to be the very soul of elegance. To develop your brand's sophistication, make it your goal to inspire, soothe and console your clients. For example, you might start a social media campaign, complete with a hashtag inviting users to share relevant, uplifting stories. 5. Ruggedness — Pebble Smartwatch While a sophisticated approach might appeal to artistic types, it could just as easily leave behind the rough-and-tumble rovers. In fact, a brand's ruggedness can deliberately challenge the overblown sophistication of other brands. That's exactly the case for Pebble, which produces a smartwatch that's in direct competition with more expensive (and more indulgent) high-end watches. The ad below, with its retro pixel artwork and sassy tone, makes a strong appeal for getting back to basics. This tongue-in-cheek branding helps Pebble tap into the trend of anti-consumerism—without making you think it's just a cheap watch. To build up a rugged brand personality, emphasize outdoor use cases and functionality over appearance. That's not to say that your product should look bad; just don't make it showy. What does this mean for my brand? While we've picked out brands that we think exemplify each of these characteristics, no brand can or should fit perfectly into a single category. Instead, you may blend several of these characteristics together for optimum results. If you're unsure where to begin, consider listing what you know about your audience. Your brand personality should be a response to their needs and interests. Once you know what speaks to them, you'll begin to understand what kind of brand personality they will appreciate. Learn more: Do you know the 10 essential brand assets for digital success?

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Labpaq Essay - 1025 Words

Lab RepoRt assistant This document is not meant to be a substitute for a formal laboratory report. The Lab Report Assistant is simply a summary of the experiment’s questions, diagrams if needed, and data tables that should be addressed in a formal lab report. The intent is to facilitate student’s writing of lab reports by providing this information in an editable file which can be sent to an instructor. Exercise 1: Modeling DNA The students must attach the DNA model to this lab report. Note which nucleotides form pairs—cytosine and guanine, and adenine and thymine form pairs. Questions†¦show more content†¦Did the new DNA model form any two of the same amino acids? Yes it seemed the AGC and AGU both formed the new amino acid Serine. G. Optional: Compare the amino acids that were formed in this experiment with those of classmates who also performed this experiment. Were there many similarities? Pre-lab for Cell Reproduction What is a cell cycle? The activities that occur within a cell cycle from the end of one cell division to the end of another. What occurs in each phase below: a. GI – A cell and its organelles double in size. It’s a growth phase. b. S – Strands of dna within a chromosome separate from each other and complimentary strands are made. c. G2- In animal cells the centrioles divide and migrate to the opposite poles of the nucleus. In both animal and plants the proteins are synthesized and spindle fibers become assembled which later attach to chromosomes and aid the migration for cell division. d. Mitosis- The cell actively divides. Define the following terms: a. Chromosome – Threadlike bodies that carry genes in linear order b. Chromatid – The new DNA molecules c. Centromere- The structure that holds together the new DNA molecules d. Helix- spiral polymer of nucleic acids. When studying the onion root tip slide, where will you focus to find the most dividing cells? The zone of continual cell division called theShow MoreRelatedLabpaq725 Words   |  3 Pagesproperties of gasesLab Report for Experiment # 1 Properties of Gases Students Name Lisa Anthony 20/20 Date of Experiment 09/29/2013 Date Report Submitted Please leave nothing blank Title: Properties of Gases Purpose: To investigate some physical and chemical properties of gases To use these properties to identify these gases when they are encountered Procedure: Have you made any changes to the procedure? Please explain. If you made no changes,Read MoreLabpaq Scientific Method Essay1164 Words   |  5 PagesThe Scientific Method Portland Community College Staff* Version 42-0207-00-01 Lab RepoRt assistant This document is not meant to be a substitute for a formal laboratory report. The Lab Report Assistant is simply a summary of the experiment’s questions, diagrams if needed, and data tables that should be addressed in a formal lab report. The intent is to facilitate students’ writing of lab reports by providingRead MoreEssay on Labpaq Exp 6720 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿Title: Physical and Chemical Properties Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the physical and chemical properties of pure chemical substances by subjecting them to various environmental extremes. Procedure: Filled each test tube with substances provided and subjected them to various conditions. These conditions included, heat, cold water, hot water, acid and basic additions and tested on litmus paper. The reactions were observed and documented at each step. Data tables: Read MoreEssay on Plant Genetics Labpaq679 Words   |  3 PagesPlant Genetics JANICE NALBONE Abstract This experiment is being done to show Mendel’s rule of dominance that says certain alleles are dominant and others are recessive. To show this, we are using tobacco seeds, a monohybrid cross comparing only one trait color. We are also showing Mendel’s law of segregation with a Dihybrid cross comparing two traits of color and texture. IntroductionRead MoreProperties of Gases - Chem Labpaq Essay689 Words   |  3 PagesProperties of Gases General Chemistry 1 Lab 5 Abstract: The purpose of this experiment is to examine the properties of several gasses, which were the products of a reaction, and examine the way the gasses react under certain conditions. These conditions, such as introducing a flame to the gas as well as oxygen and CO2, caused other reactions to occur. Hypothesis: If the gasses are correctly synthesized then there will be a clear reaction with the introduction of the flame, O2, CO2, AirRead MoreLabpaq Lab Techniques and Measurements Essay1512 Words   |  7 PagesTitle: Observations of Chemical Changes Purpose: To learn about the international system of units (SI), to become familiar with common lab equipment and techniques, to gain proficiency in determining volume, mass, length, and temperature of a variety of items using common laboratory measurement devices, to learn to combine units to determine density and concentration, and to use laboratory equipment to create serial dilutions and determine the density and concentration of each dilution. Procedure:Read MoreEssay on Ap2 Urinary Labpaq 18 Answers1089 Words   |  5 PagesHow is the tissue of the kidneys structurally modified to aid in filtration? It has tubules and is porous B. What is important functionally about transitional epithelium? It allows for stretching. Transitional epithelium contains cells that are flattened and cells that are cuboidal; hence the name transitional. You can find transitional epithelium in the bladder and in the first expansion of the ureters as they leave the kidneys (called a calyx). C. What is the functionRead MoreEssay on Laboratory Techniques and Measurements Lab 1 (Labpaq)1021 Words   |  5 PagesLaboratory Techniques and Measurements Lab 1 The purpose of this lab was for the student to get involved with his or hers new lab kit as well as being able to know, identify and use each other tools provided in the kit. Another key learning aspect of this lab is to teach the student how to measure properly the many units in the SI system. I will be using laboratory dilutions, measurements, and weights to then calculate using algebraic formula. Throughout lab one we were introduced toRead MoreWater Hardness Titration Essay1054 Words   |  5 Pagestextbooks and the LabPaq box or 5-6 thick textbooks. 2. Remove the plunger from the titrator and place it back in your LabPaq box. 3. Attach the stopcock to the tip of the titrator by placing the larger, clear, plastic end of the stopcock into the tip of the titrator and then twisting the stopcock into place. The stopcock should fit tightly into the titrator, so that the liquid will not leak. 4. Stack the textbooks on top of one another or stack two textbooks on top of the LabPaq box. 5. ClampRead MoreLe Chateliers Principle Laboratory Essay1559 Words   |  7 Pagesin Pipet 1 Thymol Blue Indicator, 0.04% - 0.5 mL in Pipet Experiment procedure: Part I: 1. Prepare an ice water bath by partially filling one of the 50-mL beakers from your LabPaq with tap water and crushed ice. Set aside. 2. Prepare a hot water bath by partially filling the second 50-mL beakers from your LabPaq with very hot tap water. Set aside. 3. Using a 24-well plate add 5 drops of 2.0 M MgCl2, magnesium chloride solution to wells C1 and C2. Add 10 drops to wells C3 and C4. 4. Add